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Joe Gaudet discovered his passion for photography and film & video through the gift of a 35mm camera, at the age of 15. He learned his craft by taking a series of photography courses at nearby Langley Air Force base, where his Dad was stationed, followed by four years in the Navy as an aerial photographer, sonar operator and helicopter rescue swimmer. After 4 years in the Navy Joe attended Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA where he excelled, earning Fuji and Kodak scholarships before graduating with honors.

Joe apprenticed for two professional photographer’s and a film production company in Houston and Dallas, before opening his own Dallas studio, where he shot over 500 assignments for clients that included Compaq, Exxon, Dillard’s, Frito Lay, Hyatt Hotels, Gordon’s Jewelers, Southland Corporation, Texas Instruments, McCormick Spices, Pepsi, Hyatt Regency Hotels, Nieman Marcus, Coca Cola Foods, Quaker Oats and Dr. Pepper/7-Up.

Joe’s desire to go full-time into film and video production led to a move to Nashville to shoot music videos, where he worked his way up from art director to camera operator, then director of photography and director. He became known for the same graphic visual style that made him a successful photographer, and his skills attracted Nashville record labels including Mercury, Capitol, Curb, RCA/BNA, MCA, Step One and Benson Music Group.

Joe's a photography and video production specialist with the creative and technical skills to support his vision. Joe Gaudet Photo & Video, LLC is a customer-centric photography and video content creation company based in St. Petersburg, Florida that serves major cities throughout the state, as well as those from New York to Miami, and beyond.

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